Night life – Club Passage in Vienna

391 days after the spectacular showdown of legendary Sunshine Dairy Enterprises opened again a club with magnetic attraction. The Fifty Fifty at the Vienna Burg Square (Burgring 1 / 1010 Wien) radiated by
intensive renovation and installation work on 23 October 2003 in a new outfit under the name Passage.

For now, the gates were open for night passage of three days. Since 12 October 2009 party people are from Monday to Saturday, including a relaxed decay of a turbulent business day. The Bachelor’s Club, the Cosmopolitan Club, the Be-tween-Club and Club Fusion are the most popular events in the city.

On Saturday, finally, the operators give themselves the honor – after more than a year of waiting, the desire for a sophisticated and rich-club entertainment was again appeased.
The “Sunshine Club” as a guarantor of “premium club music at its best,” makes itself heard in the usual manner with international and national acts.

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